Moka Musical Plush Toy

Through its gentle classical music, composed and recorded in Montreal, Moka is the ideal companion to lull and comfort children.

Transport them to a soft and soothing universe thanks to the rich tones of the violin, cello and piano. A symbolic teddy bear that they will keep for the rest of their lives.


  • Includes 3 original lullabies: 60 sec, 104 sec and 108 sec (they play 1x each and automatically stop after).
  • Total listening time: approx. 5 minutes.
  • Operation: Weigh 1x on his belly to play the 3 lullabies.
  • Hold the button down for more than 3 seconds to switch off before the end of the songs (* new in May 2021!).
  • Original compositions written, performed and recorded in Montreal (Piano-violin-cello).
  • Batteries included: 3x AAA Alkaline LR03 1.5v (do not use rechargeable batteries).

Plush toy

  • Dimension: 6''x 6''x 8''.
  • ASTM F963 Certification (Consumer Safety Certification - Safety of Toys: Newborns and +).
  • Machine washable on a delicate cycle, removing the music mechanism.

In order to preserve the life of the batteries, it is important to either put the mechanism to '' off '' between uses (with the black '' on / off '' button at the back of the mechanism) or let the lullabies play until the end. * Don't leave it on pause.