Therapeutic Bear - Rainbow

The therapeutic bear is much more than a hot water bottle! The effectiveness of the bear comes from the osmosis of humidity caused by heat or cold. This Béké-Bobo therapeutic bear is recognized by Health Canada and the European Union as a medical device.

Apart from its benefits for reducing stomach aches, colic, ear infections, bruises and everyday sores, it can be a big plus for anxious little ones.

Its weight and size have been designed to provide the child with maximum comfort. Very useful in the bedtime routine or during a seizure to help relax if placed on the rib cage hot or cold. By the weight of the bear cub, the child becomes aware of his breathing and automatically slows it down.

It is easy to handle and expresses its personality with a variety of playful designs printed on a soft, comforting fabric.

The cub size represents the reassuring size of a mom's hand, and its weight allows it to sit securely on a baby's abdomen. The removable cover of the teddy bear is machine washable. Your child will be able to count on him for a very long time!


  • The teddy bear is made with a 100% polyester Minky fabric cover, and a cotton pouch filled with a carefully thought-out blend of grains.
  • The teddy bear features playful patterns on its belly. It is presented in a box with a window showing the bear cub, on which we also find the story of the Béké-Bobo bear as well as the instructions for use.
  • The teddy bear measures 18cm high by just over 13cm wide.

Manual :

Cold :

  • Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours in a plastic bag with a seal to prevent it from picking up food odors. Remove from the bag and place on the skin.

Hot :

  • In the oven: Turn the oven on to 450 F (220 C), wait about 4 minutes for the oven to reach the desired heat. TURN OFF THE OVEN.
    Place the cereal pouch directly on the rack and wait 4 minutes (without turning the oven back on). Remove from the oven and place the cereal pouch in its cover,

  • In the microwave : Remove the cereal pouch from the cover. Heat 30 seconds in the microwave (1000 watts) and put the cereal pouch back in the cover. Test the bear cub on an adult's skin before placing it on a child's skin to avoid the risk of burns. Do not overheat.

*** TEST FOR HEAT ON ADULT SKIN BEFORE USING ON CHILDREN. If the bear is too hot, wait a few minutes before putting it on the child. Carefully read the instructions for use on the product before use.

Maintenance :

  • To wash the bear, remove the cereal pouch from the bear first. Machine wash cover only in cold water. The cereal pouch is not washable. The cover is very suitable for washing and drying in the machine at medium temperature.
  • If the bear has picked up the smell of the freezer, put a few drops of vanilla essence in a small glass of water, place it next to the cereal pouch in the microwave and heat everything in the microwave. microwave for 15 seconds. The odors should subside.