About Us

Founded in 2021 by two young mothers and friends, Lily & Rosemary is a Quebec company specializing in the creation of products for babies and young children.

As mothers too, we understand the desire of parents to give the best to their treasures. This is why we have decided to join forces to create modern, durable and safe products that will accompany your little ones throughout their development.

We are therefore very proud to offer you quality items, handmade from modern and refined materials.

At Lily & Rosemary we care about the smallest details. Whether it is when choosing colors or materials, all of our products are carefully designed to meet the needs of your children in a safe manner. It is for this reason that we test our products before they are marketed to ensure that the products we are selling are suitable.

Lily & Rosemary is also a passionate company that makes sure to stay on top of all the news and trends. We want to guarantee that the products offered become both up-to-date and useful accessories.

It will also be our pleasure to accompany you and guide you in the creation of personalized items for your little ones since this option is available on some of our products.